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Jewelry has the unique power of making us feel beautiful. Our company is based on the belief that everyone is precious and deserves to feel so. That is why we have worked hard to find the best possible prices for our jewelry and materials, so that everyone can afford a little something beautiful for their self and/or loved ones.

There is something special about genuine gemstones and precious metals. Like the people who wear them, there is a reality to them; a lasting value. This is jewelry that will be passed forward and treasured not just for its value but for the memories of the those who wore it.

Here at Tesoro Bella, we are concerned with the environment and with the toll that mining has taken on our earth as well as our humanity. We are therefore committed to using only conflict free diamonds in all of our jewelry. We also strive to use recycled metals whenever possible. Sometimes this can cost a little more, but it is more than worth it to keep our jewelry untainted. When you wear a Tesoro Bella diamond, you can have peace of mind.

We offer military discounts for active military, active reserve, retired veterans, and their immediate families. It is our small way of thanking you for your service. If you are qualified to receive this discount, please call for your coupon code.

Please bear with us during our first year of growing pains as we are slowly able to add more products to our website. In the meantime you can reach us for questions at 970-580-3757 and by email ( We are looking forward to serving you.


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